10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Mom’s Cooking

Happy Tuesday and happy May, everyone! It’s turning into a lovely spring here in California (our April weather was downright weird, but so far May has been nice). I hope things are nice where you are, and you can spend some time outdoors!

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016, is 10 Favorite Foods Your Mom Used To Make.
Have fun!

Well, my mom still makes many of these recipes, but she no longer makes them for me on a regular basis since I haven’t lived at my parents’ home for some time now. These are my favorites from when I did live at home (but in no particular order):

  1. Potatoes Romanoff – This is still a staple at family gatherings, but now it’s usually me or my sister who cooks it. (The recipe is very like the one in the link, though not exactly.)
  2. Tomato Beef over Rice – I rarely make this one because it’s time consuming, but it’s SO YUMMY.
  3. Seven-Layer Salad – When I mention this salad, most people think I mean “bean dip”. If I meant bean dip, I’d say bean dip. I mean a salad, with iceberg lettuce as the base. It’s best for gatherings, though, because it makes a large salad and you can’t scale it down easily.
  4. Roast Chicken with gravy – Just a basic roast chicken, but it tasted so yummy. Actually – I just got a roasting pan this past Easter (I never was responsible for the meat dishes at large gatherings before, so never bought one) so I could do my own roast chicken easily now, too. Hmm. Ideas…
  5. Beef & Broccoli – I think this started out as my grandma’s recipe, but I’m used to my mom cooking it more than my grandma. It’s another good standard recipe.
  6. Brownies! – I’m not sure if she did anything special to the box mixes or not, but my mom’s brownies always tasted better than anything I made for myself.
  7. Banana Bread – I don’t like most banana breads. They’re too dry and gross. But my mom’s recipe is AWESOME. So moist and flavorful. (And also full of butter and sugar, so not very healthy, but the bananas balance that out, right? Right?)
  8. Jook – This is an AMAZING soup made with little other than turkey, rice, and bouillon. (We always got to have it after holidays, when we had a leftover turkey carcass.) The link isn’t to the recipe we use (which was handed down from grandma), but it’s pretty close. (We always added some chicken bouillon toward the end to enhance the flavor.) And it usually makes a huge batch, so there’s lots of leftovers.
  9. Mulled Cider – Okay, so it’s a drink and not a food. It’s still a favorite.
  10. Orange Bread. – So yummy! I must make this myself sometime, but it’s a bit time consuming. (You great a syrup with the orange peel, and that takes a while to simmer properly.)

… and now I’m hungry. Oh well! Maybe this list will be my inspiration for next week’s meal plan…


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