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WIP Weds ~ the All The Things edition

It’s time for another WIP Wednesday! This week I will show you all the knitting projects that I am currently working on. (There are others on the needles, but since they’re not in the current knitting rotation, I’m skipping them for this post.)

This time, I’ve been working on the Semele Shawl quite a bit, so I’ll show you a pic of it even if it still doesn’t look like a ton of progress. I’m finally getting to the point where it feels like I’m starting to get toward the end of this project.

It’s really a fun shawl still, and I love the beading, but I’m ready to be done with it. It’s time to wear it, not to knit it.

I’m also still enjoying knitting the Lacy Entrelac Scarf.

It’s a fun knit, but my favorite part is (as with all entrelac) watching the color changes. It’s still great having the lace bits in the normally plain entrelac squares. I’m a little concerned about how it will block out when I’m done knitting. I want it to be flat enough to look great and not curl up at the edges, but not be so flat that it loses the texture of the entrelac squares. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll have to be extra careful when I wash and block it.

And there has been progress on the GAL Blanket! I have finished the “GAME OVER” square…

GAL blanket progress (4-17-16)

GAL blanket progress (4-17-16)

… and started the “Rayman” square!

I loved this original game when it first came out – and I do mean first came out. My sister’s boyfriend at the time was one of the beta testers, so I got to see it played before it was available to the public. So much fun! I was thrilled when new versions were released… even if I am a terrible platformer, and so do very poorly at it. I still love it. Fortunately Mr. Wyrm is a good platformer, so when we play together he can carry the team through the tricky bits.

Happy hump day!


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