FO Friday: Obessio Cowl

Did I ever show you the finished Obsessio Cowl? I don’t think I did, so here it is:

Finished Obsessio Cowl

It’s being modeled by Toothless because I didn’t have anyone available to model or photograph it for me at the time and didn’t want its FO pics to be selfies. I enjoyed the way this turned out. There was also enough wool content in the yarn (Patons North America Lace Sequin) to hold a decent blocking.

Finished Obsessio Cowl

(Suzy liked the way it turned out, too.)

The only problem I have is that this yarn isn’t the nicest to wear next to the skin. (I found this out AFTER finishing the cowl. Of course.) So I won’t likely be wearing it much as a spring cowl over a spaghetti strap top, as I had planned. It will get use in the fall and winter though, when I wear shirts with more fabric around the neck and sleeve areas.

Finished Obsessio Cowl

The detail of the lace pattern worked really well. It was easy enough to follow without being boring.

Finished Obsessio Cowl

Also, having the sequins as a part of the yarn meant I got the sparkly without having to add beads on myself. I like beading my knitted projects, but this was a nice change.

And this is all the yarn I had left when the project was over:

Finished Obsessio Cowl

I was getting a bit worried there at the end. I think you can see why.


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