Ten On Tuesday ~ Stop, Drop, and Read

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, April 12, 2016 is a special one in honor of Beverly Cleary’s birthday and Drop Everything and Ready Day: 10 Books That Made YOU Want to Drop Everything and Read.
Have fun!

Well… this should be both easy and hard. There are a lot of books that make me want to drop everything and read. Too many for me to remember them all. I will start with the ones I know are on this list, and will then move on to books that I think are on this list. Just know that the list is, in truth, much longer than the Ten on Tuesday format allows, and also longer than my memory will furnish.

  1. A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire – this one is one of the books I read most recently. It is one I intended to read during dinner only, and then I was supposed to put the book down and work on cleaning up for Easter. Instead, I didn’t put the book down until I was finished with it around midnight.
  2. Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire – this is the book which follows A Local Habitation in the October Daye series, and I haven’t picked it up to read yet because I’m afraid I’ll run into the same problem I had with its predecessor. I’ll probably start reading it some weekend when I have no other plans.
  3. Phoenix and Ashes by Mercedes Lackey – this is one of my favorite books, and it doesn’t matter how many times I read it, I never seem to want to put it down.
  4. Indexing: Reflections by Seanan McGuire – (I’m sensing a theme here…) I enjoyed this book so much that I didn’t want it to stop. It was an audiobook version, though, so it wasn’t as easy to drop everything to read (aka listen to) it. On the other hand, I could listen to it while doing other things, so “dropping everything” wasn’t as necessary.
  5. The Girl Genius series of graphic novels by Phil & Kaja Foglio – I really enjoy these, and have a habit of devouring the books.
  6. The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross – I don’t remember for sure that it was this first book in the Steampunk Chronicles that I couldn’t put down, but I know the I had that problem with at least one of the books in the series. Odds are good that it was book 1.
  7. The Harper Hall trilogy by Anne McCaffrey – another favorite series that I can read over and over again and still have trouble putting down.
  8. Last Girl Dancing by Holly Lisle – this was my favorite of Lisle’s paranormal thrillers, and I really enjoy it. The “drop everything and read” aspect of this one is mostly related to the thriller part – I have trouble putting down highly suspenseful books like this.
  9. Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya Huff – this was not my favorite of the Smoke series, but it was the hardest to put down. Here we go back to the suspense aspect of #8 on this list again. I tend to read books that creep me out REALLY QUICKLY (assuming that I finish them at all). (Side note: both #8 and #9 are books that I greatly enjoy, so creeping me out is not always a bad thing, even though I am NOT generally a fan of horror movies.)
  10. Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong – this is one of my favorites of the Otherworld series, though I couldn’t tell you for sure which one is my favorite. (It varies day to day, though it would be one of the books narrated by either Paige or Jaime. They’re my favorite narrators.) Because of the pacing of this book, it’s the one I’m most likely to have trouble putting down. However, once I start reading the series, it’s hard to put the SERIES down. So if I go to re-read one, I’d better be prepared to re-read several (if not all) of the series.

Okay, well, it looks like I didn’t have to guess after all. How about you? Are there any books which make you want to drop everything and read?


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