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WIP Weds ~ Another GAL Square (Plus Bonus FO Square)

Today’s WIP Weds will be another short post. Not as short as the last one, since I have two things to show you today, but not as long as it could be.

First up, let’s take a look at the actual WIP:

GAL- Game Over

This is the current progress on the “Game Over” square for the Geek-A-Long blanket. It was originally published as the last square of the 2014 blanket, which makes a lot more thematic sense than knitting it in April for a Jan – Dec KAL. However, I knew I wanted to knit it, and I wanted to use the self-striping Felici yarn that I used on the Tetris square. Also, ideally I won’t need to buy more of that yarn (each skein seems to last 4-5 squares, which is awesome), so in order to make sure I don’t forget and knit other squares than the ones intended with this yarn, I’m knitting the ones I have planned for it now. (The “Atari” square is probably next, since that’s the other one I want to use this yarn for.)

You can’t tell from this picture (unless you can read knitting charts), but I am doing the Extreme Double Knitting version of this square. One of the other GAL participants was kind enough to post the charts she used for her squares, so I’m using those. I will admit to having a few knitting quirks: having writing readable on both sides of a reversible item is one of those.

Anyway, since I have started a new GAL Square, that means there’s also a finished one to show you!

Here is the completed Companion Cube square:

This is the official alternate square for the Aperture Science one. I love Portal, so I knit both. I couldn’t decide between the two, and then I determined that I didn’t need to decide! That’s the best part about this choose-your-own KAL. Unlike most mystery Knit-A-Longs, you don’t have to be stuck with making everything the designer provides. In this case, the designers provide many squares, and we get to choose which ones to knit. Very awesome.

I’m pleased with how my blanket is progressing. I’m hoping to actually finish this in the calendar year, and though I’ve fallen a little bit behind with the knitting, I’m still close enough to feel it’s possible. Still a ton of fun, too!


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