Ten On Tuesday ~ Superstitions

The Ten on Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, March 22, 2016, is 10 Superstitions You Believe In.
Have fun!

Um. This is going to be a really short list if I do the prompt as written. It would look like this:

1. None.

So, let’s modify the prompt a little, shall we? Here, I’ll start this blog post over.

The Ten on Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, March 22, 2016, is 10 Superstitions You Believe In Play With.
Have fun!

That’s better. Even though I know they are superstitions and don’t believe in them, there are some I play with – or “pretend to believe in”, if you like that phrase better. So here is my list of those:

1. Holding your breath as you cross a bridge. I don’t do this so much now, since I’m often the one DRIVING across the bridge and that just seems unsafe. But as kids, my sister and I would always hold our breaths as long as we could while we crossed a bridge… but since we live in an area with LOOOOONG bridges, we never made it all the way across the big bridges.

Note: I was reminded of this one the other day when we watched “Spirited Away”. I don’t remember thinking anything of it when I watched that movie for the first time, but this most recent time I wondered if that spell (the spirits wouldn’t be able to see her as long as she held her breath while she crossed the bridge) came from the same superstition as I learned. Of course, I never learned WHY I held my breath across bridges as a kid. It’s just something we did.

2. Deaths come in threes. I don’t believe it, but I am guilty of sometimes posting about it on Facebook.

3. Walking under a ladder is bad luck. I don’t think it’s bad luck. I just think it’s usually dumb. I don’t walk under ladders for safety reasons, though if I can see that it’s safe, I might walk underneath one.

4. Hitting the (inside of the) roof of the car when you go through a yellow light. I’m not sure why this one happens, either. All I know is that I once dated a guy who claimed you owed him a Diet Coke if he hit the roof of the car before you did. (I never paid up.)

5. Friday the 13th is bad good luck. (Ditto for Black cats.) I’ve always liked the day. Not sure why. (I know why I like black cats. We had a saucy black kitty when I was growing up, and she was a bunch of fun.)

6. There’s something you’re supposed to do when you pass a graveyard. I’m not sure what. But when I was a kid, some other kid on the school bus said you were supposed to lift up your feet as you passed a graveyard, so we always did. But again, I can’t do that now as the driver, and you can’t do it for long if you’re on foot, so I’m sure there’s more to it that I never learned.

7. Horoscopes. I don’t believe them, but they can be amusing to read. And when I was in college, one of my roommates was big into love horoscopes, so I’d read them and giggle over them with her for fun. I never paid attention to whether my sign was supposed to be a good match with my boyfriend’s sign, though.

8. Crossing fingers. I still cross my fingers for luck, but more because then I can feel like I’m doing something in situations where there’s nothing I can actually do about it. It makes me feel better even though logically I know there is no correlation between the two things.

9. The correct way to hang horseshoes. My family owns horses, so we end up with lots of used horseshoes. In the past, we have painted and decorated some of them, and then hung them on our walls for fun. And we always make sure to hang them the correct-way-up: the horseshoe needs to look like a “U” on the wall, “so that the luck doesn’t run out”. Silly stuff, but there you go.

10. Spend New Year’s doing what you want to spend the rest of the year doing. I think this one is a Chinese superstition, partly since I got it from that side of my family. (It also makes sense if you look at traditional Chinese New Year’s dishes – they’re all things that can be made ahead and eaten as leftovers, the supposed theory being that you don’t want to have to cook for yourself the rest of the year, so you don’t prepare meals during New Year’s.) Anyway, I do still do this, but I do it because New Year’s is a holiday and I like spending holidays doing what I want to do.

How about you? Any superstitions you believe in – or pretend that you do?


2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ Superstitions

  1. I don’t really have any superstitions I cling to… I’ve broken enough mirrors to have bad luck for the rest of my life, so that doesn’t phase me. I own a black cat. It’s hard to avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks, and my mom’s back hasn’t broken yet, so yeah.

    However- my Mother-In-Law get’s annoyingly specific with curses, and I’ve asked her to stop it. Things like- “be careful using that knife” is fine, but she says things like, “Be careful with that knife, or you’ll cut the tip of your finger off.” Annoyingly specific. And guess what? It happens. Every time. So stop it with your annoyingly specific curses, mom!

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