WIP Weds ~ The Something Different Edition

So, today will be a true WIP Wednesday post, but unlike most of the prior WIP posts this calendar year, only one photo will be of the Geek-A-Long blanket. (But there will still be one photo of the GAL, because I’m still knitting that and still enjoying it.) Because – GASP – I’ve been knitting other things this week in addition to the GAL blanket. That’s what happens when it’s rainy! I knit. A lot, usually. And I am a fickle knitter, so I have a hard time knitting too many hours in a row on the same project.

In any case, since I’ve mentioned the GAL, here’s the current progress of my Psychonauts square:

The original design called for the whole thing to be in two colors instead of three, but I’d seen other people knit this with each square-within-the-square as a different color, and I liked the way it looked. I wasn’t ambitious enough to use four colors, though, so I opted for two colors instead. I still like the way it looks. I also did the question marks in what the GAL is calling Extreme Double Knitting, so they read as question marks on both sides (instead of being backwards on the flip side). You’ll get to see when this is finished and I take photos of both sides. As with the rest of the blanket so far, the yarn is all Knit Picks sock yarn.

The next project I have to show you today is my latest pair of socks.

These are a mash-up of patterns. I’m using the Double Gusset Toe-Up pattern for the foot, and then a Feather & Fan pattern for the leg. We’ll see how they turn out, but it should be fine. I haven’t checked the stitch count yet, so I might need to modify that when I’m done with the heel turn, but it shouldn’t be an issue. The yarn is a Noro something-or-other, but I forget the details and don’t feel like looking it up just now.

And the final project in my WIP Weds post for today is the progress on my Semele Shawl:

Remember this shawl? I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. It’s been hibernating for a while now, because it was on time-out. (It was on time-out because I made an error, as is usual for knitting time-outs, but still.) This is one of those shawls knit sideways, where you knit with increases until you hit the mid-way point in your yarn amount, and then knit with decreases so that you use up all your yarn with minimal leftovers. However, with this particular one, there’s a bit of knitting without increases OR decreases in the middle, and that made it a little harder to judge when to stop knitting. The result was that I had to frog back a bit and start the decreases sooner. But, since my shawl is beaded, that makes the frogging a little more annoying. (Not as bad as mohair. But still.)

Anyway, I’m on the downhill side of it now, and plan to keep working on it until it’s done. And hope that I got the yarn measurements right this time, so that I don’t run out of yarn. We’ll see. But next time I knit a sideways shawl that is designed to use up all the yarn? I’m going to give myself a buffer so that I don’t have this problem.


2 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ The Something Different Edition

  1. Glad the shawl made it out of its timeout. Usually when I put something in timeout, it means the project is never getting picked up again.

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