Ten on Tuesday ~ Wooden

The Ten on Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, March 8, 2016 is 10 Favorite Things You Have That Are Made Out Of Wood.
Have fun!

This could be fun. Does paper count? Technically paper is made out of wood… hmm. There’s a lot of extra processing that goes into it, though, in order to make it paper. I’m going to say just items that are still wood, then. But keep in mind that the very first thing I thought of was paper, and you get a good idea of several of my favorite things. (Books, stationary, journals, etc.)

So – only actual wood items. Here goes! In the order in which I think of them, not order of preference…

  1. Knitting needles. I have needles made out of all kinds of materials, but some of my favorites are wooden ones.
  2. A special cutting board. A good friend of mine from Canada gave me a special wood cutting board. I don’t remember now any of the details of the kind of wood, but I still love the board.
  3. My jewelry armoire. It’s nothing spectacular as far as the type of furniture goes, but it serves its purpose really well and I like it.
  4. My chest of drawers. This was my grandma’s, and it’s both useful and reminds me of her. Unfortunately, it’s also REALLY HEAVY, so I don’t like to move it…
  5. My desk and desk chair. These were also my grandma’s. While they’re not really as useful as I thought they would be when I took them after my grandparents died, it’s really hard to even consider getting rid of them, because they have good memories for me. They’re also old furniture, so are heavy, and the desk is more of a writing desk and less of a computer desk. I think the first step will be to get a good seat cushion for the chair, and then go from there. I’m sure I can make them more useful instead of replacing them entirely (I’ve managed so far, after all).
  6. A jewelry box with my name on it. I don’t know where I got this one. It’s a smallish box, and I’m currently using it to store my hair sticks and fancy hair clips. I’ve had it ever since I can remember. I used to use it for jewelry, but since I got my armoire, I’ve found hair supplies are a better use for it.
  7. Hair sticks! Speaking of hair supplies… I have several wooden hair sticks that I love. I’ve gotten them from various places, usually street fairs or festivals. One or two were gifts, too. They make me happy, since they all have different good memories with them.
  8. Shawl pins. I have a variety of these, too, and only some of them are wood. Still, I enjoy using them, since the shawls I wear them with are ones I have made myself or that have been handmade for me by good knitting friends.
  9. Cedar blocks! These may seem silly to include. Their only point in life is to keep the moths out of my hand knits. Still, I do love them. Mostly because they smell AWESOME. (Proof that I am not a moth.)
  10. My rolling pin! Granted, I like this best for what I can make with it, since it’s just a regular rolling pin. No special memories or features to it. (I want to get one of those rolling pins that makes designs as you roll it, but I don’t have one yet.) However, it helps me make pies and cookies, and so I LOVE IT.

What about you? Any special wooden items in your life?


2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Wooden

  1. A good list! I would have to include books and paper to get enough special wooden things. 😀 Although I do have a cutting board my brother made for me.

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