WIP & FO Wednesday

Today we have a combination post! Since there are both WIPs and FOs today, I’m just going to mix it up and show you everything all at once.

We’ll start with the WIP. This is the Psychonauts square for the 2016 Geek-A-Long blanket:

I’m enjoying working on it so far, but check back with me in a couple of days. I’m doing this with three colors (though only ever two at a time – I’m treating the center point as intarsia knitting and twisting the two contrast colors). I’m also going to be reversing part of the pattern so that the question marks are correct from both sides. Between the mods I’m making to the pattern and the yarn twisting around itself, this might get a little crazy. I’ll keep you posted.

Next is the most recent GAL square that I finished: the D20.

This one was a fun knit, partly because I loved the color combination, partly because I love D&D, and partly because I successfully learned how to do double-knitting with different patterns on the front and back. The difference was having a 20 on the front of the die, and a 1 on the back.

Other people have done this (and I borrowed the chart from one of them) but this was the first time I attempted this technique.

And my last FOs for this post are reminders that I do other crafts besides knit sometimes.

These are a couple of necklace and earring sets I put together over the weekend. They were fun, and relatively quick, and prompted me to actually use the Pintrest pins I’ve been saving. (I didn’t want to use Pintrest to pin things and then forget about them, so I made a point of using the beadwork stuff I’ve pinned as an inspiration.)

I hope you’re having a great week so far!


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