10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday ~ My Favorite Things

Hi Everyone,
The Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, February 23, 2016, is to list 10 of Your Favorite Things Right Now.
Have fun!

Well, that leaves it wide open. 10 favorite activities? Foods? TV shows? It says “things”, so I’m going to say that any and all of these things count. So, this list will be my 10 favorite anythings, in the order in which I think of them. (I’m going to refrain from including people here, as I don’t think of them as things. Also, if I start listing people, then I’d have to list everyone, and that would be my entire list of ten right there.)

  1. Knitting. This will usually be on my list of favorite things. It’s something that I find fun and challenging and relaxing and mentally stimulating all at once.
  2. Fountain pens. There’s nothing quite like them for sheer writing pleasure.
  3. Tea. Mmmm. All kinds. I’m currently drinking English Breakfast with milk and sugar. Over the weekend I drank a lot of Jasmine Oolong. I just love tea.
  4. Doctor Who. (The TV show, in case any of you somehow managed to not know what it is.) I’m sad that there will only be the Christmas Special released this year, but I’m interested to see what Moffat does for his final season in 2017.
  5. Disneyland! This will usually (probably always) be on my list of favorite things, also. When I think of it as a “thing”, anyway. Sometimes I forget because I think of it as a place instead of a thing. But since we watched the Disneyland 60 TV special on Sunday, it’s on my mind this week more than usual.
  6. My kitty! I almost wrote “whiskers on kittens”, but that’s not the part I like best. I like kitty paws the best, if I have to pick. (Doesn’t make as good a song, though.)
  7. Books. Format doesn’t matter. I just like books.
  8. My iPhone. What can I say? I’m a tech junkie. And I like my Apple products. (Just going to list the one, though I really like the other ones I own as well.)
  9. Theatre. Is this a thing? I kinda think it is. An activity, sure. I’m going to count it, at any rate.
  10. The Witness. This is a video game (currently released for PC and PS4) that Mr. Wyrm and I have been playing. It’s a puzzle game, with a variety of puzzle difficulties, and is really pretty visually. We finished it over the weekend, but it’s still one of my favorite things. We’ve also watched a couple of YouTube videos – after finishing the game ourselves – speedruns, and other people playing a certain puzzle that kicked our butts for a while. In order to completely finish the game, there’s this one timed puzzle that has the potential to be really hard. We finally finished it, and then promptly watched videos of other people playing it. Somehow it doesn’t feel so bad to spend hours trying to finish a puzzle with a short time limit when other people have trouble with the puzzle, too. (But don’t worry – you can play the game and have fun with it without needing to complete this timed puzzle. If you don’t look too hard, you can finish the game and not even be aware that this challenge exists.)

I hope you have a great day, and get to do / play with / watch at least one of your favorite things today!


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