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Friday Reads ~ Blood Runs in the Family

How about an update on the status of the Book Challenge, yes? Here’s my current progress. It will also give you a spoiler for my next book review…

Book Challenge 2-17-16

OOTS05_7in72dpi_RGBdsBlood Runs in the Family: The Order of the Stick #5
2016 Book Challenge: a book you started but never finished
by Rich Burlew
(graphic novel, fantasy)

This is a book that I had since it was published in December 2014. I started it as soon as I got it, and then stopped reading it for some reason. Perhaps because it’s a really thick book (especially for a graphic novel!) and I had already read the early strips in the book online. (One of the negative points about reading the book form of an online comic, I feel.) But for whatever reason, I read the intro pages, and the first few pages of strips, and then stopped. For a year. But I do love this series. So, when I saw “book you started but never finished” on the Book Challenge list, this was an easy one to include.

The Order of the Stick comics are fun, but especially if you are a D&D player. You can enjoy them if you are a non-D&D-playing fan of other RPG games, but to get the most out of them, you do need to have some experience in the tabletop version.

The art isn’t the greatest (hello, they’re stick figures), but that’s the point. And the strips have evolved over the years, too, so the newer ones are noticeably more refined than the early ones. However, they have lost none of the charm of the originals. The plot, though, has evolved from one-page jokes about the game. Now, while it still pokes fun at the game mechanics (and players), there are also deeper themes and tons of character development.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where this strip goes. I haven’t been keeping up with the online version, but I don’t mind waiting for the next book. (If you want to read the strip online, you can find The Order of the Stick here. The books can be found there too, with a few extra clicks.)


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