Geek-A-Long progress update

Hi there, and Happy Wednesday! Today I have another knitting WIP progress post, but this one will feature my 2016 Geek-A-Long blanket exclusively. There has been other knitting, but not much progress. (I started a pair of mitts, but have decided I don’t like the yarn / needle / pattern combo, so will be frogging them.)

Anyway, I’m on to my third square for the 2016 GAL blanket. This one is the Child’s Play Charity square from 2014:

2016 GAL blanket progress 2-9-16

I haven’t gotten very far yet, as you can see, but I had to post a picture showing the color. It’s called “pickle juice” (it’s Knit Picks “Stroll Brights” yarn) but it’s not really pickle colored. At least, I don’t eat pickles that look quite that radioactive… It’s a really fun fluorescent green. The original square for this was knit in white and green (a normal green), so I figured this was a good choice for this square. Of course, I also picked the yarn out with lighting that didn’t really show off JUST HOW BRIGHT it really is, but that’s okay. It makes me happy.

Since this is my third square, it stands to reason that there are two more already complete, right? Right. And here they are:

2016 GAL blanket progress 2-9-16

I haven’t yet decided if the black is going to be the background color for all the squares, or if I will reverse half of them. We’ll see as I get more squares finished and can tell which look I like better. The one on the left is the Tetris square, and the one of the right is Aperture Science (from the Portal games).

I also haven’t decided yet if this blanket will be only video game squares, or if I will knit any of the ones I like in the proper size. But there are plenty of video game squares I want to include in either case, so I’m starting with those and will make my final decision later.

Have a great rest of the week!


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