10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday ~ Kidnapped!

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, February 9, 2016: You’ve been kidnapped! List the 10 TV show characters you would want to help you.
Have fun!

Well, I don’t watch a ton of TV, but this could be fun anyway. Let’s see what I can think of…

  1. The Doctor (from Doctor Who) – because having a Time Lord around might not always be the best idea (when it comes to global security), but it would certainly be interesting. Plus, he’s the Doctor.
  2. Sherlock Holmes (from Sherlock) – face it, if anyone can solve a kidnapping, it’s Sherlock.
  3. Dr. Watson (also from Sherlock) – because sometimes Sherlock needs someone to make him a bit more human so that he would actually care about me being kidnapped.
  4. Amy Pond (also from Doctor Who) – she may be a human among a bunch a bunch of crazy aliens, but she’s a kick-ass human.
  5. Scotty (from Star Trek) – beam me up! Easiest solution to a hostage situation.
  6. Sheila (from Dungeons & Dragons, the 1980’s cartoon) – if she had her invisibility cloak, anyway. That could be useful.
  7. Rip Hunter (from Legends of Tomorrow) – I haven’t seen this show yet (but it’s on my TBW list), but Rip is a time traveler. Played by Arthur Darvill (aka Rory from Doctor Who). Sounds good to me!
  8. Supergirl (from Supergirl) – another show I haven’t seen, but really, she’s Supergirl. Plus, I’d rather be rescued by her than Superman or Batman. Girl power go!
  9. Rick Castle (from Castle) – yes, this is a show more about solving murders than kidnappings. But the one episode I saw with a kidnapping ended up happy, so count me in! (Also, Nathan Fillion…)
  10. Scarecrow & Mrs. King (from Scarecrow & Mrs. King, of course) – it’s been ages since I saw this show, but I don’t remember seeing them fail when rescuing people. Of course, that could just be the episodes I was allowed to watch at the time, but hey, that’s the way I remember it, and that counts, right?

There were others I thought of, especially from the anime shows we watch, but they tend to have too much damage around them, and I wouldn’t really want that if I could help it. Could still be fun, though.

Have a great day!


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