WIP Weds ~ a threefold update

It’s Wednesday, and I have knitting pictures! So that means it’s WIP Weds time!

First up today is actually not a knitting project. This is the rest of the Purple Majesty fiber that I spun for the Kitty Mine Crafts spin-along at the end of last year. Technically I have finished it so it’s not a WIP any longer, except that I haven’t really finished it because I need to order and spin more fiber. I plan to knit myself a cardigan from this yarn, and I don’t have enough yet. So as soon as I can determine what pattern I want to knit, and how much more fiber that means I need, I will be ordering more and spinning that up too. At any rate, here are two of the skeins I spun up from this fiber:

Purple Majesty handspun (fiber by Kitty Mine Crafts)

I have 4 completed skeins now, but only two were skeined up when I took this picture over the weekend. (This was a weekend pic instead of a Tuesday night pic because it was beautiful and sunny over the weekend.)

Next up is a knitting project. This is the Obsessio Cowl which was my traditional between Christmas and New Year’s project. (I have a habit of starting a new project between the two holidays using new gift yarn – or in this case, new gift needles. Mr. Wyrm got me a set of Needlelite knitting needles for Christmas, and they were so much fun I had to start something using them RIGHT AWAY.)

I’m enjoying the knit a lot so far. Normally I would be adding beads to this, because I love beaded projects, but since this yarn had sequins spun into it, I didn’t bother. There’s plenty of sparkle in this cowl as-is! My only problem with the project is deciding how long to make it. I’m either half-way done, or about two-thirds of the way done. I’m not sure yet.

And last up for today is the current progress of my Aperture Science square for the 2016 Geek-A-Long blanket. (Just a reminder: they’re doing this to benefit the Child’s Play Charity.)

I love the Portal games (and want another one! Portal 3 please?) so this was a no-brainer for me. I might knit both of the available Portal squares for this blanket (the other was an alternate square, but it’s the Companion Cube, so I really want to include it in the blanket). I still have yet to determine if this blanket will be only video games for me (the year’s theme is video games, so all the new squares for 2016 have that theme) or if I will use more of the 2014 squares which have nothing to do with games. We’ll see. Plenty of time to decide.

Anyway, that’s my current projects. I have more things on the needles, but I haven’t knit them in a week or more, so I don’t have any progress pictures. Have a great rest of the week!


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