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FO Update

Instead of posting a WIP Wednesday post today, I’m going to post two finished objects. One of the two FO’s is my first square for the 2016 GAL blanket, and while I have started the second of the squares, as of the time I’m wiring this post, I haven’t gotten far enough to make the picture very interesting. And yes, I do have other knitting WIPs, but I wanted to do this instead.

First up, here is said GAL square:


This is the Tetris square, if you can’t tell or aren’t familiar enough with the traditional game to know what the classic screen looked like. I used Knit Picks Felici for the second color here (all of the squares will have black as one of the colors this year), and I’m glad I went with that option. Having the game pieces at least kind-of in different colors feels appropriate for this game. Not all of the squares will have a multi-color yarn as the second yarn, though. (For example, I just cast on an Aperture Science square (aka the Portal games) and it is black and orange.)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this knit. I tried doing the 2015 GAL, but I used sport-weight for it and just couldn’t get into doing more than two squares in that weight yarn. It’s interesting: I can knit with thicker yarns, but double-knitting with more than fingering weight yarn was more than I wanted to consider for long. Also, the 2016 (and 2014) squares are more square, while the 2015 ones ended up rectangular. (The Portal square is technically from the 2014 blanket, since they are the same size squares, but we’re allowed to knit 2014 squares for the 2016 blanket as long as they’re knit in 2016.)

And a picture of the back of the square, just because:


The other FO in this post is my third Caput Helianthus hat:


This isn’t a great picture of this one – and sadly, I can’t get a better one now because I already wrapped it up as a birthday gift. If I get another picture from the recipient between the time I write this and the time it gets posted, I’ll add it (or if I get one soon enough after the post goes live). Anyway, it’s using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the “Black Purl” colorway. The purples are really a lot prettier than this picture seems to indicate.

I think this will be my last of these hats for a while. They are fun to knit, but I need to branch out a bit. Also, there are several things on my list of things I want to knit sooner rather than later, so I will be working on those for now. However, this is a fun and easy knit, and it will remain on my list of projects I’d do again. I do think that I like it better in yarns with a long color repeat (like the two I knit in Chroma), but this is still a pretty hat and I would happily knit another (later) in another variegated yarn.

Have a great rest of the week!


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