10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ My Community

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, January 26, 2016, is 10 Interesting Things About Your Community. I encourage you to define community in the way that works best for you – your town, the nearest big city, your work community – it’s up to you to decide.
Have fun!

For the sake of this prompt, I am going to be discussing the MiceChat.com community. This is a Disney fan group that I am a part of, and for me it’s easier to discuss this than my specific home community.

  1. It’s made up of people from all over the country – and probably all over the world (though I’ve only personally met American MiceChatters).
  2. It’s made up of people from all walks of life.
  3. We have leisure activities in common (ie: going to Disney parks) and so there’s an instant conversation topic when you meet someone new in the community.
  4. The group organizes some fun events which we enjoy participating in. Our favorite is the annual MiceChat Gumball Rally.
  5. We’ve had opportunities through the group that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. For instance, the group had arranged for a large party to have lunch at the Big Thunder BBQ as a farewell to that section of the park. We had tried to make individual reservations, but were unable to. Through our connections with our MiceChat community, we got in for a final BBQ lunch. (Note: this is not referring to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster. The ride is not closing. Only the petting zoo / BBQ restaurant / special event area have closed.)
  6. Sometimes the community organizes group vacations. We have gone on several trips to Walt Disney World and Disney cruises with the group, and have made good friends as a result.
  7. It’s made up of people of all ages, too. You can find yourself in conversation with young kids on their first Disneyland trip, or with people who remember Disneyland’s opening year.
  8. If you go on the website forums, you can find all kinds of information about other people’s trips where you can get tips for your own next visit.
  9. The people who run the group seem to have inside connections within Disney, because they often have very accurate rumors about what’s upcoming for Disney.
  10. They do also plan events at non-Disney parks. Through this community, we went on our first Haunt experience at Knott’s Berry Farm (re-named for the event as “Knott’s Scary Farm”). It was an amusing experience, and one I wouldn’t have done without having the group support. And I probably won’t go again, even with the support. But I’m glad the community gave me the chance to experience something I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Have a magical day!


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