Ten On Tuesday ~ Grocery Store Gifts

Hi Everyone,
The Ten On Tuesday topic for Tuesday, December 15, 2015, is 10 Gifts You Can Pick Up At The Grocery Store.
Have fun!

This sounds like fun! Let’s see what we come up with…

  1. Gift cards. Kind-of an obvious one, but has to be said.
  2. Cookies in a jar! Yes, you will have to assemble the jars. But you can buy all the supplies at the grocery store, then all that’s left is printing the recipe and assembling the jar.
  3. Gift basket items. Things like coffee and tea and chocolate and cookies. Yum.
  4. Traditional stocking stuffers. The tangerines, nuts, and maybe candy canes that are traditional stocking stuffers.
  5. Stuffed animals. Grocery stores have been branching out lately, and now carry all manner of gifts, including stuffed animals. Some are even quite cute.
  6. Stationary stuff! If you’re like me, the pen section of the grocery store is a good gift shop. They usually have some kind of cute cards or paper sets, too.
  7. Pet toys! Granted, these are usually gifts FOR THE PET. But they need presents too, right?
  8. Alcohol. Wine, liquor, whatever. The grocery stores usually have wine gift bags hanging right there in the alcohol section, too. Talk about convenient.
  9. Specialty foods. Some groceries have packaged specialty foods that make great gifts. Others just have normal foods or candies that some people on your list consider treats, and would be happy to get as gifts.
  10. Homemade meals. Especially if you are not the one who usually does the cooking, making someone a homemade meal can be a great gift.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and enjoy your gift shopping! (If you’re not done already, that is.)


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