Wip Weds ~ Hat Knitting

It’s Wednesday, and I have knitting that I can show you! I have this habit of putting my gift knitting off until close to my deadline (I really need to stop that…) and then burning out on gift knitting and casting on something new for myself. This year is no exception.


This is the Caput Helianthus hat. I’m knitting it out of Knit Picks Chroma, fingering weight, and I’m really loving the pattern and yarn combo. (This is the Sugar Cookie colorway, if you’re curious.) It’s knitting up pretty quickly, and it feels like it will be a nice, soft, warm hat to wear when it’s finished.


I need to make myself more hats. I like wearing them, but at the moment I only have one that I like wearing. I like looser hats, not the close-fitting watch cap style, so sometimes I will make a hat and then not like the way it fits. This one (from the pictures) looks like it will be loose enough, so that will be nice. I’m also using a slightly larger needle than called for – but not because I wanted to make the hat larger. I merely didn’t have the size called for (a US 2.5) and so I’m using a US 3 instead. I’m planning to switch to a US 2 for the brim so that it’s tight enough to stay on. We’ll see if that works.

Happy Wednesday and have a great rest of the week!


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