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WIP Weds ~ Patchworking

Today I’ll have a quick WIP Weds for you. This is a project that I’m making for Christmas gifts, and I’ll be making a lot of them. Granted, some of the people who will be getting them might read this blog, so I’m taking a risk in posting this, but nothing is actually finished yet, so these pictures will just be a teaser on the off chance that the recipients see them early.


Lots and lots of squares! These are for a patchwork wristlet designed by Ayumi and posted on her blog, Pink Penguin. (For those who want to join me in making one – or several – the link to the pattern / tutorial is here.) The pattern has been easy to follow so far. (Yes, I read it all the way through before starting to sew, but reading and following a pattern are slightly different.)

My one suggestion for anyone who wants to make this, is decide ahead of time whether you want to do all your cutting at once. If so, read the pattern once for cutting, and then again for sewing. (Unlike some designers, she doesn’t say at the top of the pattern what pieces you’ll need to cut out. She mentions them as you get to them. Not an issue, just possibly different than you may be used to.)

How about another picture, hmm?


I’m having fun making these. Patchwork can be a lot of fun, even if it’s a lot of little seams. And now… sadly, that’s all you get to see of these until after they’re given away. Have a great rest of the week!


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