Ten On Tuesday ~ Just Chillin’

The Ten On Tuesday topic for Tuesday, November 17, 2015 is 10 Places You Hang Out.
Have fun!

Ten places I hang out? Well, this is going to be somewhat more boring than it used to be. Now that my work is closer to my home (and don’t get me wrong, I love having a 20-30 minute commute one-way instead of it being an hour or more each way!) I spend less time out and about and more time at home. (This is also a good thing! But it means this 10 on Tuesday might be a little more boring than it would otherwise have been.) I know, a lot of the time out & about that I used to spend was things like waiting at Starbucks for the traffic to die down so I could get home without spending too much time on the road.

Anyway, here’s my list for the week. And apologies if this isn’t as coherent as my usual posts – I’ve spent the last week or so being sick*, and might still be a little loopy from the meds, so I’m doing the best I can.

  1. Home. My favorite place to hang out.
  2. Work. Not exactly my favorite place to hang out. I do count it, though, in part because I spend many of my lunch breaks at work eating food I brought from home instead of eating out. Cheaper and often healthier.
  3. My sister’s house. This is our usual family gathering spot, mostly because she’s the one with the kids, and the kids are the ones with the least flexible bedtimes.
  4. Barnes & Noble. Because books.
  5. Starbucks. Even though I’m not spending as much time in them as I used to, I do still hang out in Starbucks when the occasion calls for it.
  6. Panera. Sometimes. They have some similar qualities as Starbucks, plus soup. I don’t hang out here often, but it’s a good spot for getting in some quality writing time. Which I need to do a lot more of.
  7. The theatre/rehearsal space. Either because I’m getting ready for a show, or because I’m going to see one.

And… that’s about it. Not very interesting these days. Sadly I haven’t spent much (read: any) time with my S’n’B lately, or I’d be spending a lot of time hanging out at one particular Starbucks. This is the biggest casualty of my new job: Thursday night S’n’B’s are no longer feasible, since they’re still an hour away from home. (Previously, the location was doable because while it was a ways from home, it was relatively close to work. Not so much any more.)

Granted, to be fair, I do spend time with friends and at places other than work and home. I just don’t have many regular hang-outs these days. Though I sometimes try to pretend otherwise, life just isn’t like it was in college anymore.

Anyway, how about you? Any fun hang-out locations?

*Side note: I;ve only been sick for the last week or so, but I’ve had symptoms for the past month. The doctor and I both think it started as allergies, and only recently developed into a cold/secondary infection/yucky gross crud. In any case, I’m on antibiotics for it now, and am feeling much better. Life should get back to what passes for normal around here again very soon.


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