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Friday Reads: Free Agent

Free Agent: Grim Agency #1
by JC Nelson
(contemporary fantasy)

This book has been on my TBR shelf for a while now. I don’t remember why I picked it up originally (or if it was a gift, or if I won it in a contest), but I know why I picked it up to read now: the cover. It’s a pretty cover. It looked like a good, fun, magical romp – and it didn’t dissapoint.

The basic premise, without giving too much away, is that the magical / fairy tale world is real and exists alongside the mundane world, with bits overlapping and only people who belong in one world able to access it. For instance, a normal human could walk right through the gates of Kingdom without getting to the magical realm: they’d be stuck in the regular world instead. The Fairy Godmother of stories (or in this book’s case, Fairy Godfather) is also real, but instead of doing everything by magic and by himself, he has an agency of helpers. Marissa is one of these agents, and the book starts off with her setting up a prince to fall in love with a princess, without the help of a love potion (though those do exist). Of course, things never go according to plan, but you’ll have to read the book for the rest.

I really enjoyed this book. If you’ve been following my book reviews for a while, you have probably noticed that I love fairy tale retellings. This one is no exception. I love the way the worlds overlap. I love how mundane things can interact with magical ones, and the way the magical part of the world is created in this story. The plot, also, was a lot of fun. I can’t get too detailed without getting into spoiler territory, but it’s safe to say that there were some twists I anticipated, and plenty of others that I didn’t.

There are currently two other full-length novels released in this series, as well as a short-story or novella (I haven’t looked into it yet and so am not sure which category it falls into). I think I will continue to read these books, since they are a fun take on fairy tales – and hopefully the rest of the series won’t sit on my TBR shelf for as long as the first one did.


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