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Friday Reads: The Dream-Maker’s Magic

3The Dream-Maker’s Magic: Safe Keepers #3
by Sharon Shinn
(fantasy, YA)

This is the conclusion to the Safe Keepers trilogy, and as you could guess from the title, its focus is the Dream-Maker. I do like how the Dream-Maker is described in the series as someone who carries the magic around but can’t dictate when it works. The Dream-Maker can’t choose which wishes to grant; the power does that on its own. Sometimes it makes me wonder if mall Santas were an inspiration for this concept. But I digress.

This book is about the Dream-Maker, and if you know about the world, you can easily guess where the Dream-Maker’s power will go next. (Generally the power to bring all this good luck is given to someone who has had incredibly BAD luck of their own.) It’s an interesting look at the young life of a position that we have previously only seen in adults. As with the prior books, there is some character cross-over, though not much. More like cameos than anything. It’s a nice touch.

As with the first two books, the character development was great. I loved seeing Kellen progress through life, and how she dealt with her mother’s refusal to accept her as a girl. It was a really fascinating character study hidden within a fantasy novel.

This does seem like the end of the series, and it is a good end – though I will admit that if there were more books in this world I would happily read them. They are very enjoyable, and a different kind of fantasy novel than I usually read. The conflict is more obviously internal than in many fantasy novels – and the external conflicts are often of the personality sort and rarely of the violent sort. It’s a nice change.


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