Ten on Tuesday ~ Travel Tote

The Ten On Tuesday topic for Tuesday, October 20, 2015 is 10 Things You Take In A Travel Tote Bag.
Have fun!

This should be a fun one. And while it does vary based on the trip, some of the items are the same regardless.

1. Knitting!

2. A book.

3. Snacks! Depending on the length / type of trip, maybe LOTS of snacks.

4. My headphones for listening to music.

5. My external phone battery.

6. Chapstick.

7. Advil. Just in case.

8. A travel tin of tea bags, in case there’s no decent tea where we stop for food.

9. Paper and pens.

10. Bottled water, if it’s not an airplane trip. (And if it is an airplane trip, I tend to buy a bottle before boarding the plane to have just in case. I can’t swallow that Advil dry, after all.)

What about you? Anything specific you tend to pack for trips?


One thought on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Travel Tote

  1. I’m really picky about how water tastes, which can be an issue when traveling. So I take a filtration water bottle – after I go through security, I fill it up from a water fountain and am set for the plane.

    Months ago now I sent you a vintage Disneyland postcard – did you ever get it???

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