Friday Reads: Crash by Eve Silver

17667952Crash: The Game, book 3
by Eve Silver
narrated by Amy Rubinate
(YA, contemporary science fantasy)

This is the much-anticipated (by me and other fans, anyway) conclusion to Eve Silver’s The Game series. I didn’t pay attention to whether or not you could start here instead of at book 1, because I didn’t even consider that as an option at the time. I personally don’t think you would have any conceivable reason for starting this series with book 3. The books are standard novel-length, and there are only three of them, so there’s no excuse for starting mid-way through. And with this series you will definitely miss A LOT if you start anywhere other than the beginning. Besides, they’re fun reads, so why wouldn’t you want to start at the top?

However, there’s not much specific I can say about this particular book without getting into major spoiler territory. I’ll do what I can, but please excuse the vagueness of the review. I enjoyed the series enough that I want to encourage others to read it, which means avoiding spoilers is important to me.

So: this book does a good job of tying everything up neatly, without making the ending a “Happily Ever After”. Don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t mean that the ending is sad, or unfulfilling, or wrong in any way. I think the ending was a great fit for the series. What I mean by that is that the ending isn’t a stop – you can see where the characters will keep going after the final page. It’s not one of those action books where the action comes to a dead stop on the last page. The series plot has concluded by the end of the novel, but the characters have not. There is still more for them to do, more to experience, more LIFE left in them. I really appreciated that. Even though the series is done, I love when endings feel realistic. Just as you should get the impression that characters had a life before the first page of book one, you should also feel that they keep going after the last page of the final book.

I also enjoyed the way some of the questions were answered. There were questions the main characters had in the first two books which I wasn’t sure were ever going to be answered, but at least most of them were tied up in this book. It was a good ride emotionally, too. There were some happy moments, some sad moments, some bittersweet moments. It seemed to have a really good balance all around.

So – I’m quite satisfied with the way this series concluded. I will certainly be picking up more of Eve Silver’s work. (I greatly enjoyed DRIVEN and HIDDEN (written as Eve Kenin) when I read them several years back, too. I really miss the Shomi line.) I also think this is a series I can easily recommend to any fans of the genre – it’s something adults and teens can all easily approach and get into. Part of me is sad that the series is now done, but I think that making it more than a trilogy wouldn’t have served the story as well. And yes, it’s open for a possible sequel series, but I don’t think it’s needed to conclude this one. A sequel series would end up being its own series, and not merely a continuation of this one… which is as it should be.


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