WIP Weds ~ East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Happy Hump Day!

I think it’s time for a WIP Weds post. There will only be one WIP listed today, because there hasn’t been much visible progress on any of the other WIPs. For instance, I love working on the Dark Side of the Moon socks, because the yarn is so soft and the striping is fun to watch, but I can only take so many in-progress photos of plain vanilla socks.

So, today we have photos of my East of the Sun, West of the Moon shawl. This is a Nim Teasdale pattern, and the yarn is Knitwhits Freia Handpaints Ombré Lace in the Ice Queen colorway.

I’ve been really enjoying this pattern, though I’m finding that I like the lace a LOT more than the stockinette sections. I knew I would. I mean, lace is FUN. I love knitting lace. But I thought that I would like the way the two sections differed enough to keep me interested in knitting the stockinette parts. This is not as much the case as I was hoping. So, even though I had planned to alternate all the way to the bottom of the shawl, I may do lace only from here out. It’s so pretty, so it’s not a hardship.

I’m also enjoying the beading. I’m so glad there are beads in this pattern. You may recognize the beads, in fact. These are the same beads as I’m using for the Semele shawl I’ve been working on. There are only two differences: first, I’m using only the opaque beads for this one. Second, the beads and the yarn for the Semele shawl are complementary colors while the beads and yarn for the East of the Sun, West of the Moon shawl are close to a perfect match. (Granted, since the Freia is a gradient yarn, the beads match one part of the shawl but not another. Also, there are a couple colors of beads I’m using, so they may match the bottom of the shawl but not the middle section. I love the way it’s working.) Actually, I love the way both color schemes are working. They’re just completely different from each other.

So that’s what I’m up to lately. Knitting shawls is great for binge-watching TV shows, since the rows can be so long, so I’ve been knitting this shawl while watching “Castle”. (I just started it. I know, bad author. But it’s a lot of fun!) Anyway, I hope you’ve been having a great week!


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