Ten On Tuesday ~ Country Mouse

Hi Everyone!
The Ten on Tuesday topic for 8/11/2015 is 10 Things You Love About Visiting The Country.
Have fun!

This is not going to be as specific as last week’s Ten on Tuesday was. (That was about “The City” – San Francisco for me, an unnamed generic city for others.) This is going to be the country in general, because I don’t have any specific place in the country that I go visit.

  1. The quiet. I am a city girl (well, suburbs, really), but sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all.
  2. The smell. You know, the smell of nature. Sun-warmed grasses, freshly tilled earth, and above all, NO POLLUTION. Wonderful.
  3. Hiking options! Yeah, I take walks around the surrounding neighborhoods for some outside exercise (as opposed to indoor exercise equipment) but there’s nothing like a good hike.
  4. Listening to the wind through the tall grass. Have you ever listened to the wind through tall grasses or wheat fields? It’s so calming. Almost sounds like the ocean. I love it.
  5. Wildlife! I love seeing critters in their native environments. And yes, that includes big critters, like the bears we’ve seen in Yosemite.
  6. The stars. Amazing how many stars you can see when there aren’t that many lights at night to get in the way…
  7. Local foods. Country towns can have some of the best local-made foods if you can find them. Jams and honeys are some of my favorites, since I can take them back home with me easily.
  8. Local crafts. I do enjoy wandering a country town’s Main Street and seeing what the local artisans have made. You can find some really neat stuff.
  9. Pacing. Not as in “walking back and forth”, but as in “the pacing of life”. It’s probably busy enough for those who live in the country, but since I don’t, the pace of life always seems so much slower and more relaxed to me. (Maybe it’s more that I’m in vacation mode than anything? I do associate this more with country visits than other vacations, though.)
  10. Things are often in walking distance. Not everything, of course. The Big Box Stores are often driving-distance only. (Though why you go to the country for a Big Box Store, I have no idea.) But there’s usually a more central “downtown” in country towns, and once you’re in town you can park and walk to everywhere else you want to go.

Have a great week!


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