10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ City Mouse

Hi Everyone!
The Ten on Tuesday topic for 8/4/2015 is 10 Things You Love About Visiting The City. You can pick a specific city or a generic city, it’s your choice. And next week on 8/11/2015, since it’s only fair, the topic will be 10 Things You Love About Visiting The Country.
Have fun!

Well. I am a NorCal girl, and so “The City” to me always has been (and always will be) San Francisco. So this list is going to be all about that specific city. Enjoy!

  1. The weather. Yeah, it’s usually cold and foggy. But it kinda seems to fit. It was always easier to feel comfortable dressing up and wearing my fancy coat (which, when I was younger, really only meant heavy coat instead of jean jacket) for an evening out when the weather was pretty much guaranteed to be chilly. And also, you know what to expect. Very few surprises with San Francisco weather.
  2. The Golden Gate. Even if you don’t drive over it, it’s really hard to miss it entirely on a trip to The City.
  3. Great food options! Though yeah, you have to know where to find them, and that’s not always easy.
  4. Public transportation. It’s one of the few places in California that appears to have given any thought to public transportation, and I always used to enjoy taking BART in, spending the day walking or taking buses, and then taking BART home. I like it less now that my dad isn’t the one planning out the routes, but then again, we have smartphones now to help navigate.
  5. Ghirardelli Square. Mmmmm. Yummy chocolate and a great view while eating it.
  6. The Walt Disney Family Museum. We’ve been several times, and I still don’t think we’ve seen everything (and that’s not counting the new things or the special exhibits). There’s so much to see and read there, that every time we go it feels like I see something new, even though I know I walked past it the time before. Amazing place.
  7. Theatre! I know, it’s not Broadway, but it’s not bad, either. San Francisco has some great theatre options, and I don’t get out there for them as often as I’d like.
  8. Robot Dance Party The robot is a friend of mine, and while I haven’t seen him perform live in Dolores Park yet (I know, bad me), I love the fact that this is something that can happen in San Francisco.
  9. The Exploratorium and the California Academy of Sciences. Science! Great stuff. I really remember these mostly from when I was younger, but want to go back again now. (It would have been two items, except I ran out of room. Consider it a bonus.) I especially loved the trip to the tactile dome we took with my Girl Scout troop.
  10. Chinatown. I’ve always loved wandering Chinatown, especially when I have a little cash in my pocket for spending money. There’s always some little thing that calls out to me. Silk coin purses, fans, parasols… you know. (There are big things that call out to me, too, and they’re easier to admire and not buy if I have already picked up a random little thing instead…)

Have a great week!


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