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WIP Weds ~ the long overdue update

Hi there! It’s Wednesday and I’m posting a blog! Fancy that.

So, WIP Weds have been absent not because there has been no progress, but instead because I have been too lazy to take pictures of the progress. We’re going to do a really quick one today, and I’m sorry (well, not really) but one of the “WIPs” is actually an FO.

We will start with a true WIP, though. Here is the current progress of my Dark Side of the Moon socks:  

I love how the striping is perfectly matched and I DIDN’T HAVE TO DO A THING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN THIS WAY. I love this yarn. And I would happily buy any of their other OCD sock skeins.

Another WIP, and another sock-in-progress is the Flutterby Socks. I don’t have the first sock to show you, because when I gave the first one to my niece to try on, she didn’t want to give it back. However, here’s the status of sock #2:  

I need to get cracking on that one before she outgrows the pair. (However, since I could nearly get the first one on, I think it will still be a while before that happens. On the other hand, she’s young and not used to putting on handknit socks, so it’s still a good idea that I finish these soon.) I do still like the pattern, though not as much as when I started the first sock.

There are other knitting WIPs that I could show you now, but it’s harder to get pictures of them. (Shawls-in-progress at a certain point just look like blobs of yarn.) Instead, I’ll show you the FO I mentioned at the beginning of this post:  

This is the Della Wallet Clutch by Swoon Patterns. It was surprisingly easy to make. The hardest part was turning the wallet right-side-out at the end of the project. I also had to do some online surfing to find the findings at the size listed (my local JoAnn’s has a limited size selection on purse findings), so that was a bit of a pain. However, the wallet itself was easy to sew, fun to make, and I learned some new techniques. I love it! And I loved making it. I will be making more for gifts, and if I ever decide to start an Etsy store, I will probably make some to sell as well, since the designer allows you to sell bags made with this pattern.

Anyway, that’s the WIP Weds for today. Hope you have a great day!


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