Friday Reads: Some Like It Witchy

SomeLikeItWitchySome Like It Witchy: Wishcraft Mystery #5
Heather Blake
(mystery, contemporary fantasy)

Heather Blake’s Wishcraft Mysteries are one of my favorite guilty pleasure reads. They are fun, they are mysteries, and they have magic. What more could you want from a summer beach read? (Not that I have ever read one on the beach…) If you are looking for a deep book, a commentary on the state of society, look elsewhere. But if you want a fun romp through a contemporary magical village, pick these up. (Start at the beginning for the most enjoyment, though if you’re willing to put up with a little minor character & worldbuilding confusion you can really start anywhere. But as with any cozy mystery series, if you don’t start at the start, there will be series spoilers throughout.)

As you would expect, this book starts with a murder. And, as usual, our heroine (Darcy) is the one to discover the body. One of the things that happens more in this book than the others of the series is that we get into Darcy’s specific past a little more than we have since the first book. It’s a nice insight into the personality of the main character. And it’s good to get more history of the town and some of the other characters. I really do enjoy this series, and will keep picking them up from the bookstore for a while yet.

Do they have much re-readability? Well – does any mystery, really? If you want to, you can re-read it to try to find the clues for yourself. I haven’t ever re-read one of this series yet, though, because for me the fun of a cozy mystery is the discovery of the plot. Once I know the plot, I’m not as interested in re-visiting it. Maybe later, after I’ve had a chance to forget the details, and maybe even whodunnit. (In that respect, this is very different from the most classic mystery, like Agatha Christie’s. I could re-read those right away to see if I can pick up on any of the clues, because the writing style is different. Neither is “better,” though. They’re merely different styles.)

Anyway – I do recommend this series if you’re a fan of the cozy mystery genre, especially if you like fantasies as well. This is a good blend of the two genres. Two thumbs up!


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