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All Good Things

So, I needed a blog break. And so I took one! And it was full of wonderful things.

For instance, one wonderful thing is that I found a new EDJ which will hopefully be a nice change. One thing that will definitely be a nice change will be turning my previous 2+ hour daily commute (there and back) into about 40 minutes per day. Much better.

Another wonderful thing was lots of good knitting time.  

And yet another wonderful thing was the reason for the knitting time. I got to knit here:   

So amazing. There will not be tons of information about the trip, because that would get too personal. But it was a great vacation.

And the last wonderful thing to mention at the moment (since family being wonderful goes without saying on the blog) is that I got in some writing time. It’s been way too long.

I hope this has been a great few weeks for you as well!


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