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Friday Reads: The Heart Of Valor

  The Heart of Valor (Confederation #3)
by Tanya Huff
(sci-fi, space, military)

I have really enjoyed this series so far, but I must say I do miss some of the characters that we met in book 1. Torin Kerr has been away from her regular company for books 2 and 3, but it looks like she’ll be back home for book 4, so at least there’s that to look forward to (because I am going to keep reading this series).

The basic premise of this book is that Sgt Kerr has to give briefings (lots and lots of them) to other Marines who will be interacting with the new species she dealt with in book 1. And she gets bored, so she jumps at the chance to go to the Marines’ training planet. And then things start going wrong. The reason why things go wrong is – to the reader – a matter of speculation. All the Marines actually dealing with them think they know what’s happening, but the reader gets hints that they’re wrong, and that something sneakier is happening. (Or at least I did. Your mileage may vary. Though now that I’ve told you, you will be on the lookout.)

Anyway, I like how this book ties together books 1 and 2, and continues the story with them as a foundation. This is not to say that you couldn’t pick up book 3 and start the series from there, but it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable. It also raises lots of questions that will presumably be addressed in the next book. I will admit that I’m starting to worry that this series will take the turn that the Stardoc series took (which made me stop reading) but it hasn’t yet so I still have hope that it won’t. (Exactly what that turn was is hard to describe. But when the Stardoc series stopped being about space travel and aliens and sci-fi and started being more angsty and romance-y, I stopped reading.)

As a summary, is this book worth getting? Yes, definitely. Preferably after you have already read the first two books. I certainly enjoyed it.


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