Ten On Tuesday ~ Last Week

The Ten On Tuesday topic for 4/28/2015 is 10 Things You Did Last Week. I really missed reading your blogs and hearing about your lives so I’m selfishly hoping you can catch me up with this topic!

Have fun!


This one should be fun, provided I can remember all the fun things I did. Otherwise, this list will just be a bunch of chores like laundry and grocery shopping. (In other words, if I have to resort to laundry and grocery shopping, it’s because I ran out of fun stuff.) Here goes…

  1. Made myself a new bag. Because. Why not?  
  2. Worked on some presents that I will post about later, after they have been gifted.
  3. CAST OFF THE “AND SO ARE YOU” SHAWL! Those were long rows by the end, there. Now I still have to block it, but I’m otherwise ready to wear the shawl! Can’t wait. I love the way it turned out.
  4. Went to my S’n’B and got to visit with one of our members who moved out of town last year (I think… maybe longer ago). That was great! I don’t get to see her often enough.
  5. Read. I finished an audiobook, and the review will be up in a bit. And I started a new paperback, which I’m enjoying so far.
  6. Set up a new cat tree for Suzy.  
  7. Got an oil change for my car. Not super exciting, I know, but it’s the first time I’ve had a car that had the first few years of service included with purchase. The invoicing process was wonderful!
  8. FINISHED SEAMING THE SWEETHEART SWEATER. Finally. Now it just needs buttons, because I’ve decided not to do the beaded crochet edging.
  9. Splurged on a Cheesecake Factory dinner of appetizers and cheesecake. This is one of Mr. Wyrm and my favorite dinners, though we do try not to do it too often so our waistlines don’t get too huge.
  10. Watched a lot of “Bleach”. Mr. Wyrm and I have gotten quite addicted to this anime. It’s to the point where the other day he couldn’t fall asleep because the theme song to the show was running through his head and wouldn’t stop.

What about you? Did you do anything fun this past week?


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