10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Everyday Pleasures

Hi everyone!
The Ten on Tuesday topic for 4/14/2015 is 10 Everyday Things That Delight You.
Have fun!

That sounds like fun! Let’s see what 10 things come to mind first…

  1. Kitty snuggles.
  2. Spring breezes.
  3. Music played on a good stereo. Usually just my car stereo, but still.
  4. A cup of tea at just the perfect temperature.
  5. Soft yarn. I’m not going to specify which blend, because the softness of them can vary even when they are the same content.
  6. Sunshine.
  7. Back rubs from Mr. Wyrm.
  8. Finishing a puzzle.
  9. Visits with my family.
  10. Time spent playing with my camera for random shots. One of my favorite places to roam with my camera is my grandma’s garden, so I can combine this with #9. Happiness.

Have a great week!


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