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Wip Weds for 4/8/15

Happy WiP Weds! How about some knitting pics? Yeah, I didn’t think you’d mind.

This is the newly revised Semele Shawl, on a US 5 needle and beaded. The beads are from Joann Fabrics. Nothing special, mostly because I decided I wanted to bead it NOW and didn’t want to wait for a special bead order to come in. With the beads on it, this pattern looks more like feathers to me than leaves (which it looked like before). 

I’m really enjoying this shawl. The bead placement is essentially random, though I do try to make sure that no more than two beads of the same color are next to each other. The pattern is surprisingly easy to memorize, too. Or – maybe not “memorize”. “Intuit” might be a better word. I still refer to the pattern on each row, but I don’t have to study it the way I did at first.


I’m also still trying to decide whether I want to bead the edge of the Sweetheart Sweater. I have all but finished seaming it – I still have one sleeve to set it, but that’s it. And then I have to decide on the beaded edging. Sigh. Choices.


There’s also the Flutterby socks. I still like them, but I have to admit that I’m starting to get bored with them. I realize that this is partly because I have now decided that they aren’t going to be for me. It’s always easier to knit things for myself unless I have deadlines I’m up against. (And even sometimes then…) It’s also partly because the yarn isn’t super soft. Yes, this means they will be longer-wearing socks. But they are not as much fun to knit as super soft yummy yarn.


Not pictured today is the Pretty Thing Cowl, which is all done except for the blocking. I’m not sure how to block it so that there aren’t seam lines from where it’s folded in half. I’ll figure it out sooner or later, but until then it’s sitting and waiting for me to do something with it.


And, because this is me… we also have a not-yet-started pair of socks. I’m not sure what pattern they’re going to be yet. But they’re sure to be fun, because they’re Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Yarn (the Silkie blend). I love that stuff.


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