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Update and Semele Shawl

Well, it’s been a while since I had the energy to blog consistently. First there was the rehearsal period, then there were shows, and then there was recovery time. Truth be told, I’m still not sure I’m fully recovered. I don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis anyway; throw in late nights at the theatre, and it’s really no wonder I was so exhausted for so long.

It was worth it, though! The show was fabulous, and it was so great to be involved with theatre again. Mr. Wyrm and I had taken a break to focus on health (mostly his, but I also needed an emotional break from drama) and so getting back was so nice for both of us. He seemed pretty able to handle it, too, which makes me happy.

One of the things that I did during the show was to start the Semele Shawl. Double-sided lace… not the kind of thing that one normally thinks of doing while Stage Managing a show. But this is me… so I started the shawl. This is the progress I made on it, though not all of it during the shows:

However, at about this point, I took a closer look at the shawl and decided that I didn’t like the fabric I was getting with this yarn on size US 3 needles. I should have known better when I started it – fingering weight on a US 3 makes a fairly dense fabric – but I was too excited to start the shawl, and didn’t pay much attention to the fabric density in the dark booth at the theatre.

So, though I loved the way the shawl was working up in this yarn (Dream in Color – Stardust, which was an experimental yarn blend and has been discontinued) I made the hard choice to frog it and start over on a larger needle. And since I was ripping it out anyway… I added beads. Because beads.

I do prefer the way this is knitting up already, so I think I made the right choice even if it was a wrench to have to start over. I can’t say that this is a super difficult shawl, but it’s also not an easy one – lace patterning on both sides – and the beginning is a little fiddly. So starting over was not what I really wanted to do, but it was what I needed to do.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to. And hopefully now that the show has closed I will have a bit more energy to spend writing – both blogs and otherwise. I’ve missed having that energy. Hope you are all doing well!


3 thoughts on “Update and Semele Shawl

  1. Last night I started a shawl three times in progressively larger needles. I wish I could spin finer because I don’t fancy knitting on 7mm needles! But you’re right about lace it needs drape. I gotta suck it up and rip it out again!

  2. Brave you, working on that in the dark booth! Glad you’re feeling a bit better – if you don’t take a multivitamin, might be worth trying for a while to see if it helps with feeling tired.

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