Ten On Tuesday ~ CHEESE, Gromit!

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 3/24/2015 is 10 Favorite Kinds of Cheese. Mmmm. Cheese.

Well. These days I can rarely think of cheese without thinking about Wallace and Gromit. I don’t necessarily like Wallace’s favorite types of cheese, but still. “Cheese, Gromit!” is a favorite phrase in our house. Accompanied by the weird hand gesture of excitement. You know. (And if you don’t, you need to watch a Wallace and Gromit short. Now. We’ll wait.)

Anyway, here are my favorite cheeses, in the order in which I think of them. 


1. Pepper Jack.

2. Regular Monterey Jack.

3. Port Wine Cheese.

4. Whatever type of cheese it is that comes in those Hickory Farms crocks. So good.

5. Cottage Cheese. But I am very picky about it, can’t be too watery or too dry. 

6. Cream Cheese. Both as a spread and in dips and things.

7. Colby Jack. I like cheddars, but they’re usually a little too sharp for my preferences. Mixing it with Jack cheese helps that a bit.

8. Feta cheese. I’ve lately discovered that I really like it in salads.

9. Speaking of salad… blue cheese. Probably my current favorite salad dressing, plus it’s good as crumbles on salads and other stuff.

10. Mozzarella. Can’t have a good pizza without good cheese. And I love good pizza.


3 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ CHEESE, Gromit!

  1. Oh, Wallace and Gromit! I need to get it on dvd someday…

    Cheese and I have a complicated relationship, since I’m lactose intolerant. Some hard cheeses are fine – low-fat mozzarella and sharp cheddar are two favorites. I LOVE brie (without the skin), but it’s evil, even after taking lactaid. Alas.

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