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WIP Weds — In Which A Sweater May Be Finished Soon

Here’s a short but action-packed WIP Weds for today!

First up, the current progress of the Sweetheart Sweater. I finally stopped being frustrated with it enough to take it out of hibernation. And you know what? It’s ready to seam!

And then… I have to add the crocheted beaded edging. Which I had completely forgotten about. I don’t even have the beads for it. (I will admit, I may seam it and THEN decide if I want to add the edging. The answer may well be a resounding NO. I am so ready for this project to be finished! But… beaded edging. It would probably be the perfect finishing touch for this sweater. And it’s been on the needles for so long, that what’s a little longer? We’ll see.)

I did have to use a different yarn for Color A – a different brand entirely – to finish the top of one sleeve. When I scrutinize the piece, I can see where it is. But when I just look at it, this part is so much more obvious: the part on the bottom of the sleeves where I doubled Color B (instead of 1 strand each of A and B) because I thought I could get away with doing that and having enough of Color A left over. I’m doubly annoyed now, because it doesn’t look as good as I had hoped, and it’s much more noticeable than I was anticipating. But… I am NOT frogging that much laceweight mohair. And that’s final. At least the sleeves match.

And in addition to the Sweetheart Sweater, this week’s WIP Weds features the Flutterby Socks!

I’ve just started the heel (Eye of Partridge, which I love) and am knitting along happily on that. However, when I tried the sock on to see if it was time to start the heel, I discovered something: these socks are going to be small. As in, I managed to get it ON my foot, and then wasn’t sure I could get it BACK OFF.

So I think they will be my niece’s first pair of handknit socks. I hope she wants some!


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