Ten On Tuesday ~ Guess who’s coming for dinner?

Picture this: you are hosting a dinner party and you can invite 10 fictional characters (from books, please, not movies or other genres). Who would you invite?
Have fun!

Well, I had planned to post this, you know, ON TUESDAY. But I got distracted and didn’t schedule it ahead of time, and so it hasn’t gone up yet. But I like it, soe re it is anyway…

  1. Gandalf (Hobbit/Lord of the Rings) – he’s always good for some fireworks!
  2. Master Robinton (Pern) – gotta invite a good storyteller.
  3. NOT Sherlock Holmes. He would, I fear, irritate everyone. But maybe John Watson.
  4. F’nor and Brekke (Pern) – because DRAGONS AND FIRE LIZARDS. And they are less intimidating than F’lat and Lessa.
  5. See #4
  6. Winnie the Pooh – because everyone needs a talking bear of little brain.
  7. Dr. Maya Witherspoon (The Serpent’s Shadow) – partly because she’s a fun character, and partly in the hopes she can heal whatever’s up with our various issues.
  8. Fred & George (Harry Potter series) – because I think they’d just be a lot of fun.
  9. See #8
  10. Danilo Than (Elfshadow, Elfsong, and various other Forgotten Realms books) – he’s a bard AND a wizard. And throws one heck of a party.

Have a great evening everyone!


2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ Guess who’s coming for dinner?

  1. Oh, Master Robinton would good! Maybe Gandalf. Thursday Next. The Crow Girls (from Charles de Lint)… actually, probably a whole lot of de Lint’s Newford characters. The madcap time-traveling historians of Oxford (Connie Willis)…

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