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WiP Weds ~ Triple Threat

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been knitting. It’s been nice to work on projects for me and not for gifts. For the past several months, gift knitting (or crochet) has taken priority over everything else. Now I can focus on my stuff. So I have been! Here are some of the things I’ve been doing. (Though the lighting isn’t the greatest for these pictures. Sorry.)

First up, the 1st square for my 2015 GAL Blanket. I’m almost done with this square! Yay! I’ll be still a long way from a whole blanket, but it’s a start! This particular one was designed to honor Tesla (the person). The theme for this year’s blanket is Mad Scientists, so it should be fun.

The GAL (Geek-A-Long) is something created by the ladies at Lattes and Llamas to benefit the Child’s Play charity. I like the whole concept, so I’m happy to support them while I have fun knitting. And it’s double knitting! Something I always thought I’d avoid forever, because it was twice the work. But… I do like the double-sided blanket squares without having to do any seaming or knit the thing twice. It’s like knitting socks two-at-a-time. And now that I’ve started double knitting, I may have to try that trick of double knitting socks so that one is inside the other and you end up with a pair at the end.

Or maybe not. That still sounds like a lot of work and lots of room for error.

Next up is the Gasteropoda Mitts, which are also nearly done. Yay! I’ve enjoyed knitting these, but I will also be glad when they’re done. I’m in the mood to finish things lately, so when these mitts are done, I think my knee-high socks will come out of hibernation and become my travel knitting. Not that those will be a quick-to-finish item, though, since they are KNEE-HIGH socks and will take longer than regular socks. Still, I’d love to get them finished too.

But I’m supposed to be talking about the mitts. They are nearly done. Yay! However, they would be CLOSER to done if I had paid more attention to how many rounds I needed to knit. Instead, I started my decreases a round early, and got all the way to where I was supposed to pick stitches up for the top ribbing before I realized that I was off. So then I had to rip out a large chunk of the knitting and get set up to knit one more round. (For the record? Frogging Chroma fingering isn’t better than frogging mohair, but only just.)

And the last WiP picture for today is the Cats Will Play shawl, which I’m knitting from my homespun yarn. (I spun the yarn for last year’s Tour De Fleece. It was an art batt from Kitty Mine Crafts, and so seemed appropriate for this pattern.) I love the way it’s turning out. So soft and pretty. I’m looking forward to wearing this one.


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