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Ten On Tuesday ~ I love…

Valentine’s Day is this coming Saturday, and so, in honor of the holiday, for this week’s Ten On Tuesday, please finish the sentence “I love. . .” 10 times. Personally, I think I’m going to focus on things and hobbies, not people, but feel free to approach this however you’d like!

Have fun!

Well, like Carole, I am not going to do exclusively people. However, I suspect (based on her prompt wording) that I will have more people included in mine than she will. We’ll see, though. And these are only somewhat in order of importance. It’s really hard to rank love. It’s mostly in the order I thought of each item/person.

1. I love Mr. Wyrm. We get on so very well, and I feel incredibly lucky to have him in my life.

2. I love my parents. I really like that we’ve been able to stay close as I’ve gotten older. A lot of people drift away from their families when they move out, but I love being able to stay close.

3. I love my sister, and her family. We can be totally silly together, and I love that I am close enough to get to know my niece and nephew.

4. I love knitting. (That one should be obvious.) It’s both relaxing and challenging at the same time, and can create some amazing end results.

5. I love my cat. Even though she doesn’t play well with the knitting.

6. I love chocolate. Because it’s yummy. No other reason needed.

7. I love spending entire rainy days inside with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book. Though I don’t get to do that very often these days, because it hasn’t been raining on days when I have nothing else planned.

8. I love reading, even if it’s not a rainy-day-with-a-book kind of day.

9. I love baking. I don’t do it as often as I could, but part of that is because I have a household of two, and I don’t want to eat quite as many baked goods as I might want to make. Or rather – I want to eat them, but know I really shouldn’t. I suppose I could bake more often and take the things in to work… that might be okay. Or take them to the theatre. That would work too.

10. I love writing. I wish I had more time to spend on it, but I love when I am able to do it. I think that it’s past time when I cut my commute dead-time down to give me more time to write. Whether this means finding a new job, or an alternate way to get to work, I need to cut my unusable commute time in half, if possible. (Even more would be better.) Transit is under construction, which will be helpful when it’s finished. That’s still a ways off, though. I tried to get my current workplace let me work from home one day a week, but that wasn’t approved. Must. Find. Options. I need to get my writing time back.

Anyway, that’s my list for the moment. (The PEOPLE I love don’t change, though I also didn’t include everyone. Just the immediate ones. The THINGS, though… those are subject to change in priority.)

Have a great week and a very Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


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