Round Of Words – Check-up #4

IMG_0183.JPGIt’s time for the 4th check-in for this Round! Huh – and would you look at that? I’m on time (or possibly even early) this week! Probably because we’ll be going to a super bowl party later today (which, in my opinion, is just an excuse to get together with friends and have a lunch of little nibbles instead of something healthy).

So. How did I do this week? Let’s find out:

1. Some kind of writing task at least two times a week. I’m pretty sure this is a yes. They weren’t long sessions because I had headaches, but I’m pretty sure there were small sessions twice last week. (3/4)

2. Exercise at least three times a week. Sadly no. It’s hard to do more than lay around on the bed or the couch when your head hurts. I spent all my active time doing things someone else was motivating me to do (work and rehearsal) and had little energy left for anything else. (2/4)

3. Knit 2 squares for the 2015 Geek-A-Long blanket. I’m having so much fun with this one, though I haven’t finished either of the two squares I’ve set as goals yet. However, I have now finished my other crafty-goal for this Round, so I can start to focus on this one. (0/2 squares)

4. Finish a crocheted scarf I’m working on for a friend. DONE. And early! The birthday that I was hoping to have this done before is later this week, so I just made it in time for that! The scarf’s FO post will be later this week (maybe Friday?) so if you want to see pictures of it, come back later. However, I’ll warn you now: it’s a bacon scarf. You may get hungry looking at the pictures. (1/1 completed scarf)

5. Post ROW blogs at least once a week, and visit (& comment on!) the blogs on my blog roll plus at least 5 random ROW-er blogs. I posted blogs, I know that. I can’t remember if I kept up with the comments on other ROWer blogs. However, I’m going to call it a win because the part I remember was a success, and I’m going to try to focus on the plusses this Round instead of the things that I didn’t manage to do. (3/4)

Rabbit rabbit rabbit! Hard to believe it’s February already…


3 thoughts on “Round Of Words – Check-up #4

  1. I see! We ARE on the same wavelength for this evening’s activities. You sound like you’re pretty well on track for your goals which is great. I always find exercise a difficult thing to be consistent with in the winter so better luck this week. I always mean to write comments on more blogs but I’m more reactive than proactive with this. I should make it a goal to initiate contact…Have fun tonight!

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