I Am Groot!

This was possibly my most popular handmade Christmas gift for 2014:

A crocheted Baby Groot (from Guardians of the Galaxy)! If you go by the likes on Facebook, this is better than any of the lace shawls I have ever knit.

I have to admit, he is very cool. And he was pretty easy to make. The hardest part was working on him only when Mr. Wyrm wasn’t anywhere around so that he wouldn’t see Groot until Christmas Day. (It worked, but it was nerve-wracking at times. I didn’t always see his “coming home” texts until he’d nearly arrived.)

The designer did a great job on this one, both on the finished project and in her explanations of what to do. Anyone who wants a Baby Groot (and can crochet) should be able to make their own with a minimum of fuss.

I needle-felted him into his pot, the same way that I learned to make pin cushions. It worked for me, and looks pretty reasonable, too. I didn’t buy any specific “dirt-colored” wool, though, just used what I had on hand.

SPECS (and a link to my Ravelry project page):

PATTERN: Baby Groot
DESIGNER: Twinkie Chan
YARN: KnitPicks Palette in Doe and Bark (held together) for the brown, and in Peapod (one strand) for the leaves
HOOK: US H (5.0 mm) for the brown, and US F (3.75 mm) for the leaves
START/END DATES: October 28 – December 7, 2014
MODS: none, unless you count the needle-felting him into the pot part


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