Ten On Tuesday ~ Intentions

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 1/6 is 10 Intentions for 2015. If you don’t like the word intentions then you can say goals or resolutions or just things you want to do in the year ahead. Find a way to make it your own in whatever way works best for you.


“Intentions” is fine with me! Though the trick will be re-visiting this throughout the year to see how well I’m doing…

1. Get a reliable writing habit set. I don’t know what it will be yet, and I don’t care. I just want the habit set.

2. Knit (or crochet) only small things for gifts. Mitts, hats, toys. Larger gift projects will have to wait for 2016 or later.

3. Knit myself a sweater. Not sure which one yet. And finishing the Sweetheart Sweater (which is still causing problems) doesn’t count.

4. Do the 2 theatrical productions I have scheduled for this year without going crazy.

5. Eat healthier. By this I mean cut down on fast food, eat more veggies, and return to the nearly soda-free habit I prefer. (Sodas are easy with fast food, and not usually something I buy otherwise, so cutting down the one should help me cut back the other, too.)

6. Continue exercising at least 3-4 times a week. It’s why we bought the stationary bike. This may get hard with theatre rehearsals thrown into the mix, though, so I may need to get creative.

7. Get to sleep earlier at night. Though again, theatre will not help this at all.

8. Keep up with my blog reading. More than blog writing, my blog reading has slipped in the past few months.

9. Read at least 52 books again this year. Shouldn’t be a problem, and I won’t be (necessarily) tracking them all on this site, but they’ll be on my book review site (link in the sidebar). (Audio books count.)

10. Learn more about photography. I have forgotten most of what I knew about it, and I want to get back to knowing how to properly use my camera.


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