WIP In The New Year!

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

As seems to be common, I’ve been slacking on the blog lately. Too much else going on: Christmas knitting, and shopping, and get-togethers; year-end stuff at work making me want to stay far away from computers when I get home; cold weather (for California!) making me want to curl up with a cup of tea and a book when I’m not working on the Christmas knitting. All of that means that I haven’t been reading or writing nearly as much in the blogosphere as I want.

I can’t promise that 2015 will be better when this time of year comes around. I can’t even promise that January 2015 will be better. But I can give you a WIP Wednesday post now.

Here is my New Year’s knitting project:

Those of you familiar with my knitting habits know that I start a new project every New Year. (Sometimes I’ve even finished the prior year’s New Year’s knitting by that point. Not this year. I’m still working on last year’s New Year’s knitting. Love the shawl, but it’s for me and so got derailed when I discovered one gift or another I wanted to make.)

These are the Gasteropoda mitts by Kristi Geraci. I love the construction of them – not that you can tell yet from mine. But you knit the cuff ribbing, and then you spiral up the arm. Looks like a lot of fun, and should show off the yarn wonderfully.

This pair of mitts will be for me. Probably. As long as they fit. If they don’t fit, they’ll be a present for someone else, depending on whether they are too big or too small for me. Given the unique construction, I could be making mitts for anyone at this point. I can’t tell.

This is not a New Year’s project (nor knitting), as I needle-felted this guy before Christmas, but I don’t think I’ve shown him off here yet. (I made the one with the yellow hat, and my sister made the one with the blue hat. They came in the same kit, and I’m considering them still technically a WIP since we ended up with enough wool left over to make two more snowmen about the same size. We just haven’t done it yet.)

They’re fun. Needle felting in general is fun. I really do enjoy it.

Anyway, have a great New Year’s Eve, everyone, and may 2015 be great to you!


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