Ten On Tuesday ~ To Do

Are you busy? Too busy to write a blog post? Me, too! So this week for Ten on Tuesday the topic is 10 Things On Your To Do List. You probably already have one of those and that should make writing this week’s blog post quick and easy.

Have fun! Merry Christmas, God Jul, Happy Hanukkah, and Peace on Earth!

Yes, I’m certainly busy! Here’s a list without any more ado, since I AM so busy…

1. Blogs. These and the book reviews. Everything else is on hold until the New Year.

2. Finish knitting my nephew’s Christmas present toy.

3. Finish the resin projects I’ve been working on for other presents.

4. Finish wrapping presents.

5. Make sure the shawl for my grandma has finished blocking, and then wrap it.

6. More time on the exercise bike to counteract the Christmas cookies.

7. Bake another batch of Christmas cookies for the people we’ll be visiting after Christmas.

8. Clean up. Because the house is a mess.

9. Leave work at work. I’m usually pretty good about it, but lately work has been stressful and it’s been hard to not bring the leftover emotions from work home with me.

10. Research a present for myself that I’ve been thinking about for a while.


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