Ten On Tuesday ~ Postal

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 12/16 is 10 Things You Would Write in a Christmas Letter. You know the letters. I mean, right? The ones full of news and stuff from the previous year? Yeah, if you wrote one of those, what 10 things would you share?

Um. The way this prompt is written, it sounds like the implication is that we didn’t write a Christmas letter. But… I did. I guess I’m one of the few left who still does that. (Last year, to be fair, it wasn’t a letter, but I did write Christmas-letter-like things onto the pre-printed Christmas cards we sent out. Since last year’s included wedding news, though, I wanted it to be professionally printed instead of done on my ink-jet at home.)

So, this is an easy prompt, because I can re-read this year’s Christmas letter and let you know 10 things (that are okay for public consumption – I don’t share everything on the blog) that were included:

1. Disneyland trips.

2. More Disneyland trips. (Shocker.)

3. An update on Suzy-cat. (She’s doing well, still likes her supervised outside-time, and still is scared of just about everything.)

4. A photo from our first Disneyland trip of the year. (Yes, most of my Christmas letter was about Disneyland.)

5. Our trip to Reno to see the boys from The Mike O’Meara Show live.

6. Details on our Southern California trip with the boys from Communicore Weekly (a Disney history podcast).

7. Introduction of my new needle felting hobby.

8. A brief update on my dad’s milestone birthday.

9. Um. Did I mention Disneyland trips? (There were a total of three pictures printed with my letter. All were from Disneyland at different times of the year.)

10. An ode to Disneyland’s seasonal beignets. (Well, not really in poetry form. But I did go on a bit about how I wanted the seasonal flavors…)


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