* On My Bookshelf * · 52 Books 52 Weeks · Grade: A minus

52 Books 2014: Week 50

Amityville Horrible (Otherworld #10.7)
by Kelley Armstrong
(paranormal romance, ghost story)

This is a great novella – Kelley’s stories narrated by Jaime are among my favorites. This one was no exception. The plot was solid, for the short format of a novella. I also like the way Kelley tied this in to Jaime’s full-length novel, while still keeping it as its own story. It was also great for Jaime to have one-liners here and there poking fun at how she’s usually the one in trouble, instead of the one getting people OUT of trouble. Very fun for fans of the series, and I think those who enjoy ghost stories with a twist would enjoy this one even if they aren’t familiar with the Otherworld series.

I don’t want to go into the plot, because I don’t know how (if?) I can do that without spoilers – and for a novella, it’s really too short to give even baby spoilers. However, if you read and enjoyed NO HUMANS INVOLVED, then you should seriously consider getting this one.

One thing I will say about the plot: in my opinion, the creepiest of Kelley’s stories are the ones that involve her ghosts. (So, that would be Jaime’s and Eve’s stories, since the one talks to ghosts, and the other is a ghost.) They are not too creepy for someone with an overactive imagination (read: me) but they capture that fun-creepy-scary-eek! feeling that goes along with ghost stories around a campfire.


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