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52 Books 2014: Week 48

Big Hero 6
by Chris Claremont, David Nakayama

This book review is about a series of comic books: Big Hero 6, published by Marvel. I read this via the Marvel Unlimited app. (It seems that unless you want to spend a fortune buying used copies, the only way to read it is there.)

I picked this up because of the movie of the same name. If you are thinking of doing the same, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. This is not the same Big Hero 6. The movie was based on the comic series, but it has a different origin story, some (all?) of the characters have different motivations, and there is a different setting. HOWEVER, the basics are there, and the changes made in the movie make the movie stronger.

2. Just because the movie changes were good for the movie does not mean that the original comic is less good. I enjoyed them both equally, I was just aware going into the comic that the movie was loosely based on the comic, and not an authentic retelling of the same story.

3. It is a short series. There are (I think) only 5 books. (That’s all I found, at any rate.) I certainly was left wanting more.

So, all that said, I really enjoyed the series. They are fun, the art is fun, and I enjoyed comparing the comic to the movie. I’d highly recommend any comics fan finding and reading these. I’ll be curious to see if Marvel starts the comics up again, but this time with the movie’s storyline (and character arcs) instead of the original comics. If they do, I’ll pick those up, too.


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