52 Books 2014: Week 47

by Lilith Saintcrow
narrated by Marci Himelson
(non-fiction?, animal humor)

I first heard about Squirrel!Terror when it was on Lilith Saintcrow’s blog, and I really enjoyed it then. I was one of those who kept visiting the blog, waiting for the next installment of blue jay romance, squirrel wars, and cat antics. It was wonderful. And I was super sad when I heard it was gone. However, by that point, I had found other things to catch my eye (ooh! shiny!) and so never found the rest of the stuff that happened with the squirrel insurgence and the jerk in the truck. (Sorry. I’m not telling. You have to read/listen to this yourself to find out. Trust me. It’s better that way.)

Anyway, long story short, when my friend mentioned on FB that this had been found and published and was now an audiobook on Audible, I HAD TO GET IT. So I did. And it was worth it.

So – the review. It was a little weird listening to an audio version of a blog. But it worked okay, since the blog in question was penned by a fiction writer. And the stories contained within were just as fun as I remembered. I still love them. And while the narrator’s choice of animal voice wasn’t always what I would expect a squirrel (or cat, or blue jay, etc) to sound like, she sold each voice, and each was nicely consistent.

If you decide to pick this up, do not expect standard fiction. But do expect to have a good time, and to laugh. A lot. I sure did.


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