Ten On Tuesday ~ Musicians 🎶

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 11/18 is 10 Musicians you Would Bring Back from the Dead.

This is an interesting one. It’s not something I think about often. I also don’t know the list history of a lot of musicians, so I’m not always sure who is dead and who is alive.

  1. Mozart. (I think he counts as a musician. There’s actually no doubt in my mind of this, though I’m not sure he’s the type of musician that was intended when the subject was thought up.) Love his classical stuff, but what would he do in this day and age?
  2. Beethoven. Ditto all the above.
  3. Freddie Mercury. I love Queen (they were just playing on Pandora, as a matter of fact), and I’d love to see what they did in modern times if they were all still around.
  4. Jim Henson. Hey, he sang a lot with the Muppets. I completely think he counts here.
  5. Madeline Kahn. Even if she’s more known for comedy than singing.
  6. John Lennon. Kinda a gimmie for any Beatles fan.
  7. Judy Garland. Because she made such an impact on my young life just through The Wizard Of Oz alone.
  8. Miles Davis. I don’t know enough of his music, but he’s one of my favorite jazz musicians.
  9. Frank Sinatra. I’d love to listen to him live (assuming this “bringing back from the dead” wishlist brings their musical talent back with them).
  10. Whitney Houston. I remember her music making a big impact on my youth.

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